Label printing

Barcode Printing & Scanning

Detailed PDF Reports

Reduce typos with automatic intelligent-fill of data for splits, freezes and thaws

Find spaces for your frozen vials with just a click

Much faster and less prone to error than manual recordkeeping

Increased productivity of cell culture labs by up to 60%

Data Security & Reliability


Two-factor authentication

Redundant servers and databases

Automatic daily, weekly and monthly backups

Fine-grained tracking of every change to every field everywhere

Industry standard encryption

No software to install, only a browser is required

Attach data from instruments directly to cell culture records

FDA GLP CFR Title 21 Part 11


Protocol and transaction signing

Barcoding instead of manual data entry to reduce error

Anonymize sample names

PDF Report Printing for hard copy backup

Comprehensive logging of all changes with login, date and specific modifications; new data cannot shadow old data

Secure logins with 2-factor authentication

Multiple user logins with supervisor control

Comprehensive Cell Culture Coverage


Works the way a cell culture lab does, so it's easy to learn

Track all cells from your hood to your incubator to your frozen storage

Protocol templates, just like your master notebook of protocols, allows for one-click re-use

Protocol steps for cell counts, mathematical functions, and simple, user-directed input with live updates as-you-type

Specific modules for cell culture items like Vessels, Cell lines and Media and Contacts

Intimate knowledge of dewars and freezers

Copy data automatically between transactions to reduce error during data entry

A Day With CCLims


Begin your day with a list of flasks growing in your incubator

After inspecting your flasks, with one click tell CCLims which will be split, retired or frozen

With each action, cclims will (1) copy the data to resulting records, (2) archive the data to history or (3) add the data to spaces in dewars or freezers

With each action, data can be scanned from barcodes, copied, or entered manually

With one more click, print flask labels for the entire day's work; labels contain culturing methods to streamline your work in the hood

At the end of the day generate and print a PDF with a detailed synopsis of your day's work